These organic super mushrooms are nature’s original superfood and have been used in functional medicine for thousands of years. To honor this legendary history, all Mush More Co products are made with only organic ingredients and freshly-made to taste great.

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There are several potential benefits associated with mushroom gummies. Here are a few examples:

  1. Improved immune function: Some mushrooms are thought to have immune-boosting properties, which could help to reduce the severity and duration of colds and other infections.

  2. Stress reduction: Some people claim that mushroom gummies help to reduce stress and anxiety, possibly by increasing levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin in the brain.

  3. Improved sleep: Some mushrooms, such as reishi, are believed to have sedative properties that may help to improve sleep quality.

  4. Increased energy: Some people report increased energy and improved athletic performance after taking mushroom supplements.

  5. Improved brain function: Some mushrooms, such as lion’s mane and cordyceps, are thought to have cognitive-enhancing properties that may improve focus, memory, and other aspects of brain function.

Mushies are nutritionist formulated, organic super mushroom gummies! Each product has 2,000mg of organic super mushroom power per serving and is formulated with high Vitamin D2 sourced from organic mushrooms exposed to UV light – for a value added, immunity boost. Always vegan and low in sugar – never any fake stuff you can’t pronounce.

Whenever your heart desires! However, some of our products are better suited for morning use (like our ENERGY gummies) or in the evening (like our UNWIND gummies).

Although doses vary for everyone based on their health needs, most studies suggest at least 2,000mg per day of super mushroom extract per day. We made this simple and yummy by including that amount in each serving. Most super mushroom supplements have negligible amounts of mushroom extract in their serving size, especially those that are “MULTI,” so we wanted the best bang for your buck.

At Mush More Co, we do not grow our super mushrooms. We work with a supplier based in North America and all of our super mushrooms are USDA Certified Organic. Quality and transparency are extremely important to us.

Yes, our gummies are made only with organic ingredients. We even went a step further to obtain our USDA organic certification through QCS!

Mushrooms are very porous and absorb everything from their environment. This means they can easily absorb pesticides, fungicides, heavy metals and other toxins used in non-organic growing and can accumulate toxins. All of our super mushrooms are third party lab tested to double check quality.

Yes! Each batch is third party lab tested for heavy metals and biological contamination. We even go a step further to triple check the Total-Glucan content!  We think it’s important to be transparent with our COA’s. Be wary of companies that claim they are third party lab tested but place their logo on their suppliers COA and claim it to be their own! This is important because some suppliers will use in-house lab testing. Without a third party, there is no way to verify this supplier. If original COA’s are not provided, make sure to always ask for them!

Since mushies are made without any artificial ingredients and preservatives, an unopened bottle can be stored for up to one year after its manufacturing date. The expiration date is written on the side of each bottle next to the lot code. An opened bottle is best used within 45 days.

Although mushrooms are generally recognized as safe, there is not enough scientific research on the safety use of medicinal mushrooms in children or during pregnancy and nursing. We advise consulting a physician for more information.

Each batch of gummies is carefully crafted and thoroughly tested. We do not add flavor maskers, artificial flavors, or coloring to our gummies. Variations in gummy color may exist depending on the different batches of our mushroom extracts.